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CD Storage Ideas

You won't find many cabinets with CD storage ideas on how to organize your CD collection or how to maintain an easy system so you can find the music you want. Unfortunatley they assume you have already organized your collection and are ready to put your CDs away.

But, before you even think about making a purchase you have to organize. So, listed below are CD organizing ideas and CD storage ideas to corral your collection.

CD Organizing Ideas

  1. Sort and Decide - Find all of your CDs in your home including your car or recreational vehicles.
    • Decide which CDs you want to keep. Place them to the side saving them for the next step which is putting them in categories.
    • Those you are not keeping take to a used CD store or donate. You should consider getting rid of any CDs that are scratched, unwanted, or that you haven't listened to within the last 1-2 years. If you like buying new CDs you may consider getting rid of an old one after you purchase a new one. This is especially true if your space is extremely limited.

  2. Group - Decide how you would like to group your CDs. One way is by music category for example: rock, classical, rhythm and blues, country, hip hop, jazz, musicals, operas etc. Another way is alphabetically by artist or group.
  3. Storage - After you have categorized your collection count the number of CDs you have. Knowing this will help you choose what kind of CD storage ideas to consider.
  4. Index - Make a list of your CDs so you have a complete list to refer to when buying or purging old CDs.
  5. CD Storage Ideas

    The amount of CD storage ideas now available are limitless. Besides the traditional CD towers there are many ways to store you CDs.

    The following lists some CD storage ideas for you to consider for your collection.

    • Place them in a drawer in a dresser or coffee table. They sell the plastic dividers separately, so just purchase these and add them to your drawer and place your CDs inside.
    • If your collection is small you can use several shoe boxes or photo boxes. You can add a special touch by covering the shoe box with fabric that coordinates with your decor. You can also use a different box for each category of music.
    • Use any bookshelf to store your CDs. Just make sure you store them horizontally not vertically on top of one another. Otherwise you will have to constantly take the pile off the shelf to get the one you want.
    • Adapt an old dresser or side table. Take out the drawers, refinish or paint to your liking and place plexiglass, glass or plywood in the places where the drawers used to be. It makes an instant shelf. It is original, stylish and functional.
    • Use a wine box. It works with the kind where the wine is stores horizontally not vertically. The box is shallow enough to hold your CDs. It is also original. You can paint it or leave it as is for a rustic touch. You can also mount it on a wall. Just add wood dividers so that you can store your CDs vertically.
    • Search for a CD tower or bookcase for your CD collection. Many music and electronic stores carry a variety in stock ready to take home. You can also try our products offered below. There are two links that can direct you to smaller or larger cd storage items depending on your collection. It is a great way to just see what products are available!

    CD Storage Products

    I have looked at so many cd storage products that I have to break up the search into two areas:

    • For larger storage products such as towers, bookcases and shelves See what's on sale at Wards.com - shop now!. They have such a large selection that it was too much to fit on one page - they have over 50 items to choose from.
    • If you are looking for smaller items your search should start by clicking the picture to your right. You will find smaller storage items as well as larger storage towers and bookcases. Simply click on the audia/visual section when you arrive at the new page.

    You can come up with other CD storage ideas from things around your own house. Use your imagination. Remember the goal is to organize so you can find your music and display or store in a way that is easily accessible.

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