Preserving Memories Using The Correct
Archival Photo Storage

Using the correct archival photo storage is so important if you want to preserve your pictures for as long as possible. However, the everyday elements don't make this an easy task.

The materials used are just too tempermental to cooperate without a little help.

So, the following are tips to help you with the correct ways to improve the chances of your pictures lasting as long as possible. If you use the correct archival photo storage you can extend the life of your, read the following tips to see how it is done!

Tips On Correct Archival Photo Storage

  1. Choose a Place - The first thing you must do is choose a favorable place for your photos. Photos do best in any cool, dark, dry area. Check to make sure the spot you pick is free of any water pipes or sprinklers that may damage the photos if broken or triggered.
    • Don't store your photos in a garage, basement, atttic or any other room where the temperature and humidity can't be controlled.
    • Do store them in a regular area of your home. Think of it this way - if you don't live in the space neither should your pictures. A perfect place is a hall or bedroom closet. These usually have all 3 requirements of cool, dark, and dry.
    • Do make sure you let enough air circulate around your box or album. Therefore, don't push them up against the wall tightly, leave an inch or so between the box/album and the closet wall.

  2. Choose the Correct Products - Make sure all of the products you use for archival photo storage are made specifically to store photos or negatives.
    • Don't use old shoeboxes or cardboard boxes to store your photos.
    • Do use special photo sotrage boxes that are made to store photos correctly. They should be labeled non-PVC, non-magnetic, or non-acidic.

  3. Use Correct Products to Mount your Photos - If you don't use the correct items your photos will be damaged over time.

    Do use special tape, mounting tabs, or glue made specifically for photos.

  4. Don't use regular clear tape, regular school or stick glue to mount your pictures.
  5. Save the Originals - If you have any portraits or favorite pictures have the original stored and display the copy in a frame or an album.
  6. Think the Old Fashioned Way - Those old black and white photos from older relatives are still around for a reason. Black and white photo tend to hold up over time better than color photos. Take one or two rolls a year. Another good reason - they just look really cool! Some of my favorite snapshots are on black and white film.

Photos are so precious. Some shots you plan out others are spontaneous and fun. But regardless of how the photo was captured you want to keep it forever. So, if you follow these ideas and use the correct archival photo storage you improve your chances of keeping those photos in the best shape for the longest period of time.

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