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The Closet Organizing Companies Resource List

Sometimes looking for a closet organizing companies can be frustrating. Many are mixed in with other topics and it takes time to weed out the other information and get to the stuff you really need.

So, I have compiled a list of main closet organizing companies that offer quality systems. In the list below you will find companies that provide anything from easy put together closets all the way up to the custom design, no holds barred, built in options.

Closet Resource Center

Company Specialty Location Contact
1.Easy Closets Boast ease of design,installation and affordability.Also can create design on-line. Online or by phone www.easycloset.com
2.EasyTrack Closet Organization Offer preconfigure spaces with kits ready to be installed. Online or by phone www.easytrack.com
3.Closetmaid Offer wire and laminate systems Offered by many retail home centers, online or by phone www.closetmaid.com
4.The Closet Factory Offer a full range of custom systems in many colors and wood options. Franchise stores worldwide and online www.closetfactory.com
5.Closits Modular Storage System Use modular storage systems that can be rearranged with your changing needs. Found at some retail and furniture stores. See website for complete listings. www.closits.com
6.California Closets Custom closets that boast a built in furniture look Franchises worldwide and online www.calclosets.com
7.Rubbermaid Closet Configurations Offers "closet in a box" with no cutting and easy installation. Online and at Home Depot Stores. www.rubbermaidcloset.com
8.Schulte Storage Use "freedomrail" system to install and configure. Carry wire and melamine. 4,200 locations nationwide-see website to find dealers or online www.schultestorage.com

This page is updated on a regular basis to keep the information current for you. Searching for a closet organizing companies should not be frustrating. So, this list should help you get another step closer to your perfect closet.

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