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The Best Closet Storage Idea -
Store it Right the First Time

My best closet storage idea comes from a value I had been taught when I was little. And that is...do things right the first time. If you want to

keep your belongings clean and well maintained (and I know you do!) you must store them properly the first time around. Believe me when I say your clothing will not forgive you.

Before I proceed to the list, if you have to store your clothes in the first place and have already organized your closet then you need to ask yourself these questions...

  1. Do I really need all of my clothes?
  2. Do all of my clothes fit me?
  3. Are they free of stains, rips and are in generally good condition?
  4. Are they in style and will I wear them again?
  5. Have I worn them in the last year?

If you answered no to any of these questions you need to evaluate the need for extra storage as opposed to donating the pieces of clothes in good condition and retiring to the garbage those that are not.

If you find you genuinly need to store some clothes then its on to the closet storage idea list:

The Closet Storage Idea List

If you choose to implement one closet storage idea please just remember to take your time and do it right. The work of moving your clothes for the season can definitely pay off in the extra room you aquire and the clean and properly maintained clothes that you unpack from storage the next season.

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