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Use Feng Shui Organizing Ideas and Bring
Balance Into Your Life

Feng shui organizing has been gaining a lot of popularity in the United States in recent years. Pronounced “fung shway,” this is the ancient Chinese philosophy suggesting that proper placement of the home and its interior furniture and accessories can significantly impact the quality of your life.

According to feng shui (the literal translation is “wind and water”) it is believed that properly placed items in your home can provide happiness, good health, good relationships, and wealth for those who live there. Items and furniture that are placed improperly can cause unhappiness, bad health, bad relationships, and financial problems.

The ultimate purpose and goal of feng shui organizing is to control “chi” which is the flow of positive energy. Chi is the balance of yin and yang. Feng shui suggests that when you understand and achieve the principles of yin and yang, you will be able to control your life and wealth. An imbalance of yin and yang causes undesirable emotional and physical problems including depression, fatigue, and sickness. To achieve properly balanced chi, believers in feng shui organizing use the five elements of water, wood, metal, fire, and earth, These five elements can be utilized with different furnishings including water fountains, wood tables, metal light fixtures, candlesticks, and pottery.

Many people live by the art of feng shui organizing because an unorganized and cluttered space prevents the proper flow of energy.

Tips for Feng Shui Organizing

  1. Clear the room. For proper feng shui organizing, focus on just one room at a time. Place all small objects in a box and remove them from the room. Remove all furniture from the room (or at least to one side of the room).
  2. Clean the room. Clean every square inch, including all walls, windows, floors, and fixtures.
  3. Paint the room. Paint the room in a soft, relaxing color.
  4. Repair items. If there is anything that is broken, fix it before bringing it back into the room. If you can’t fix it, throw it away.
  5. Return items to the room. This is where you need to practice discipline. Only bring items back into the room that serve a specific purpose. If there is no purpose, it should remain in the box. The same rules apply for furniture. If there is no purpose for the piece, it should not be in the room.

  6. General Rules:

    • Plants are beneficial as they represent life and give energy to space. Take care of your plants to maintain their health. Plants that show signs of wilting represent death.
    • Water stimulates wealth, therefore anything involving water is positive such as fountains, aquariums, and images of water. Be careful not to leave faucets dripping, as this is a sign of wasting money.
    • A Mirror helps to increase chi as it reflects chi around the room. Just don’t position the mirror directly opposite of a door as this causes entering chi to bounce out of the room.
    • Display photos that represent what you want in life. For example, if you want children, display images of children.

    Bedroom Rules:

    • The head of the bed should be situated so you can see the door and feel safe about who is entering. But the bed should not be positioned under a window. A flat wall provides better support.
    • Nothing should be over your bead—a beam or decorations. This will give you the feeling that an object might fall on you.
    • Avoid mirrors in the bedroom. Your reflection could frighten you in the night.

    Bathroom Rules:

    • From the front entrance, you should not be able to see the bathroom. If so, block the view with a screen or other object.
    • Keep toilet lids down when they are not in use and keep the bathroom door closed at all times.
    • Keep the bathroom clean and clutter-free.

    Kitchen Rules:

    • The stove produces wealth, so use this appliance often.
    • Keep all appliances working properly.
    • If your stove or sink faces the wall, place a mirror above them so you can see someone approaching from behind.

    Living Room Rules:

    • The sofa should face the front door otherwise hang a mirror so you can see the front door while sitting on the sofa.
    • The room should be clutter-free with open walk paths.
    • Round tables are better than square or rectangle because they don’t have sharp corners, called “poison arrows” that could be pointed at people in the room.

  7. Assess the room. After the purposeful items are in there spots, assess the room for positive energy. If you don’t feel comfortable, or if you feel irritated or sad, it is not in balance and you should remove items that are causing these feelings.

When planned properly, feng shui organizing will bring your space—and your life—harmony and balance.

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