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Learn How Getting Organized for Christmas is the Key to a Stress Free Holiday

Getting organized for Christmas can be one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family. Cristmas is a joyous time of year, but at the same time it can result in uneccesary stres that could have been avoided if organization was in place. Let’s talk about common Christmas activities that can lead to a frazzled mind unless you are organized.

Christmas cards have become a staple of yearly communication for many families. Sophisticated home computers and printing systems have made it easy and inexpensive to create and send Christmas cards. Often the most time consuming part of Christmas cards is not stuffing and mailing the envelopes, but instead keeping track of the address of people on your Christmas card list.

You can use Excel to create an address database of your Christmas card list. People on your list will move or even change names and Excel enables you to easily update their address. You can also print out the list and check off the people you have sent a Christmas card to. That way you won’t miss anybody on your list.

You can even pull the names out of your Excel address list into MS Word. You can use mail merge to create mailing labels. Getting organized for Christmas using technology is a real time saver. Speaking of lists, you can use Excel or a traditional three-ring binder to keep track of your to-do list. Create a list of all the people you need to buy gifts for and check off their name after you have purchased the gift. You don’t want to miss anybody!

You can also keep track of the gifts that people give you each year. This can be tracked in Excel. You can also use this list to write the appropriate thank you notes. These lists can be done by hand, but Excel is a simple computer program once you get used to it. Excel will save you hours of time and you won’t get writer’s cramp.

Perhaps the next biggest part of getting organized for Christmas is storing and maintaining your Christmas decorations. It is important to plan ahead when you buy a Christmas tree so you can select the best tree. You may want to consider an artificial tree. They now come already strewn in Christmas lights. They are easy to put up and store as well.

An effective way to store your Christmas ornaments is to buy large cardboard moving boxes. Within each moving box have smaller shoe box size boxes that hold various categories of ornaments. Smaller boxes within bigger boxes will help you avoid disorganized ornaments that are tangled by their hooks.

Make sure that you don’t just throw Christmas lights in a box. They will undoubtedly become tangled. Untangling Christmas lights takes time and can be frustrated. Instead, you can wrap Christmas lights around a rolled up newspaper or purchase plastic gadgets that are designed to organize Christmas lights.

Getting organized for Christmas can be a breeze if you utilize technology and effective storage systems.