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Organizing Digital Photos in 5 Simple Steps

Organizing digital photos can be tedious and frustrating. I learned that first hand after purchasing my first digital camera last year.

Like most people I loves the ease of taking pictures not worrying about how much film I was using. I also loved viewing my pictures right away through the LED screen.

What I didn't know was that organizing digital photos takes time. But, in the long run you will end up with a system that is great for storing and retrieving your precious digital photos.

Organizing Digital Photos

  1. Download - The first thing you want to do is download your pictures to your computer. This can be done in one of 3 ways:
    • Through a USB cable from your computer to your camera.
    • Through a memory card reader. This entails taking your memory card out of your camera and inserting it into a memory card reader that then connects to your computer and downloads from there.
    • Lastly, many computer now have memory card readers built right into your computer. Just take it out of your comera and insert it into the proper area.

  2. Delete and Edit - Delete any photos that you don't want to keep. Don't feel guilty here. That is the great part of a digital camera. You can delete and end up with only the pictures that you really love. Edit the pictures that you are going to keep.
  3. Rename the Image File - This has to be the most tedious part of organizing digital photos. All photos come with a file name that really doesn't mean anything to you - just a bunch of numbers and letters. So, in order to find a photo years down the line, you must name the photo. Be specific. Don't name the picture "Mary at the park". Include the name of the person, place, month and year, and what the person was doing or something about the photograph that will help you remember something about the picture.
  4. Categorize Albums - My software (Kodak) came with my camera. It allows me to make albums to which I want to place my pictures. I have categories such as family, friends, vacation, etc. But you can also do it by time. Some examples may be June 2004 and then make smaller albums in that like birthday party or vacation. However you choose think about it carefully and decide what will work best for you. It also may depend on the software program you are using and how much you want to do. Deciding on a method now will save you massive restructuring at a later time.
  5. Save Them Forever - After following the above steps it is time to think about how you will save your photos. This can be done in one of 3 ways:

    This is a basic step by step way for organizing digital photos. If you are new to cameras and the computer give yourself time to learn and take the time to read any help that comes with your digital camera photo software. Get to know what it can do and you will be surprised at the possibilities. Organize your digital photos now and they will supply a lifetime of memories.

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