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Organizing Pantry Supplies

Organizing pantry supplies was something I never really prioritized when I

moved. There were just too many other things to do that I was just happy the food was put away.

We all get so busy and set in our routines that we don't even realize when some organization is needed. I was so used to pulling out some food items to get to others that I didn't really think about how it could be done better. But after a few mishaps including wet and dry spills I decided it was time to start organizing my pantry.

This really isn't difficult. It involves your time and objectivity to again purge and decide what it is your really need and use most frequently. So, with that said let's get started.

Organizing A Pantry in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Remove all items - This is the first necessary step if you are going to do this correctly. You must really see the space as well as see all of the food items you need to store. Clean the space if needed before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Purge and reassign - Go through all of your items. Discard any items that are expired or obviously not good anymore. When you are finished decide if there are any food items that you just don't use. Donate these to family, friends, or charities. Remove items that are not food items such as cleaning supplies, brooms, or mops. These need a home somewhere else - perhaps a garage, laundry room, or other closet.
  3. Group items together - Organizing pantry items by category not size is best. You may not always purchase the same size container and then it will be difficult to organize again. Some categories include:
    • rice
    • pasta
    • boxed meal helpers
    • cereal/breakfast items
    • canned goods
    • baking supplies
    • condiments, sauces
    • oils, vinegars
    • Spices
    • snack foods
  4. Replace items into pantry. For ideas to do this see the list below.

SPECIAL TIP - If you don't have an extra closet or designated pantry - Create one!. Consider furniture - moveable carts that can serve as islands, old tables, kitchen armoires, bureaus, bookcases, or baker's racks can all serve the purpose of a pantry. You can even be simple and use stackable wire baskets that pull out like drawers.

Ideas for Organizing Pantry Storage

Organizing a pantry does have its challenges but if you keep it simple it will work much better for you. Think of it as your own little grocery store and keep like items together. Remember to keep things visible and accessible and your kitchen will be more functional and fun for everyone.

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