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Organizing Recipes Can Save You Time
in the Kitchen!

I must admit our third move in 5 years just threw me for a loop! Organizing recipes was not high up on my to do list yet after many years

of accumulating recipes I just could't find what I needed anymore. It took me too long to find a recipe and I found I was just having difficulty coming up with ideas for meals.

Therefore, my search for a new way to organize my recipes. When looking in stores there weren't many examples to follow just a recipe box or a binder. But there are ways to customize these items to help make cooking in the kitchen and organizing recipes a little easier.

Below you will find some of my favorite ways for organizing recipes. I hope one will help you organize yours or spark some creative thoughts your way.

Organizing Recipes

  1. Binders - This is actually my choice for organizing recipes. It may be a little old fashioned but that is one reason I like it so much. I purchased a binder specifically for organizing recipes. It already had very good dividers for categories and pretty papers to use to place your recipes on.

    I had quite a few recipes from family members and just didn't want to recopy them - I loved the handwriting! So, I used the originals and used archival glue or tape to attatch them to the paper. For special ones that were longer and had both sides used I placed them in clear pocket protector sheets and added them to the binder that way.

    • Make your own binder by purchasing a pretty photo album, favorite paper, and dividers.
    • If the recipe is from a magazine and featured on more than one page simply make copies of the recipe pages and combine them in the binder.
    • If you don't use binders regularly but have many family recipes make a special album just for the family hierloom recipes. This can be handed down through the family and can become more special as time goes on.
    • If you have many favorite cookbooks copy just your favorite recipes from each and make a binder called favorites.
    • If you have a collection of index cards with recipes on them simply purchase the binder inserts that are made specifically for index cards. This way you can see the front and back of the card and place these in the binder.

  2. Recipe Box - Using a recipe box when organizing recipes can be handy. But is can also become difficult when the amount of recipes you have exceeds the box space. So, choose carefully and pick one that has more space than you currently need to allow space for your growing recipe list.
  3. Small Photo Album - If you would rather organize recipes in a smaller album but like using index cards then consider a 3x5 or 4x6 photo album. You can easily slide the recipes cards in or out yet they stay protected when not in use.
  4. Laminated Cards - For those recipes you use all the time but still can't memorize, place the recipe on a index card of your choice and laminate it. Punch a hole in the corner and place an office "ring" through it. You can place it on any hook in your kitchen where you cook.
  5. Use Your Computer - If you have a computer - great! If you have one in your kitchen that's even better! Here are some ways to incorporate using your computer for organizing recipes:
    • If you have a scanner, scan your recipes to your computer. After that you can either place them in folders for the main categories (pasta, chicken etc.) and in subfolders for the actual recipes. This is a good way to find recipes using the "search for files or folders" option on your computer. Just type in the name of the recipe and up it comes on your screen ready to go.
    • In case of a computer failure it is best to back them up. Burn them to a CD if you computer has that capacity and you will always have a copy to fall back on.
    • Purchase software made specifically for organizing recipes. Some come with recipes built right in others do not. Some help you organize a grocery list and basic pantry list also. So, read the software carefully to make sure you are getting what you want. Don't forget to check out the system requirements to make sure the software is compatible with your computer.

Organizing my recipes was one of the best things I did. It helped me organize my meals, grocery list and significally cut down on my preparation time because I could actually find the recipes I needed.

So, start by choosing the method you think will work for you and start organizing recipes. Even if you can only do a handful at a time you will end up with a great system that saves you time and energy.

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