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Over The Door Organizers - One Way To Close
The Door On Clutter!

Over the door organizers really are a great way to contain all of those small items that need a home of their own. What better place than over a door that would otherwise be untapped space. Door organizers are also great on a bathroom door. Some bathrooms lack storage space and just don't

have the room for items such as brushes or all of those extra hair accessories girls accumulate.

Another use is for small toys that would work better in their own pockets than stuffed in a bin all mixed up.

A similar item now out is a bed pocket. This is a favorite with younger kids. The pocket fits under the pillow and then hangs down the side of the bed. It has room for a child's favorite bedtime book, flashlight and special bedtime comfort item such as a stuffed animal. (Which I love because I hate running around at bedtime looking for these!)

You can find door organizers as well as other great products to organize your home by clicking on the image below...Happy Organizing!

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