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Plan a Home Office Starting With A Space

The Conventional Office

Having a separate room to plan a home office space is a luxury. So, if

this is your case consider yourself lucky. Since more and more people are working from home they are converting their basements, attics, and bonus rooms into separate working spaces.

In this situation it is easier to plan a home office simply from the standpoint of the amount of space available. Even if the room in small you can optimize the space to fit your needs.

For basic steps to organizing a home office click here. If you have already been there then here are other things to consider.

Alternatives to the Conventional Office

What was That? Did you say you don't have an extra room to plan a home office? Well, frankly many people fall into this category. But if you want to plan a home office there are many alternatives that work and that are cost effective as well.

1.Kitchen Bakers Rack

Use your kitchen to plan a home office if you have an open wall.A baker's rack or computer armoire is one way to add a dedicated space for office work.

This makes sense in that many people spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It is often the way you enter the house making it easy to deposit mail and organize papers as soon as you come home.

Be creative and adapt the accessories to your decor. Use a portable file system on the bottom. The main level should be dedicated to a computer and main work space. Use kitchen themed items as your accessories such as canister sets for storage of office supplies.

It is also a great place to have your computer if you are an avid cook. Your can keep your recipes on line and access them at the touch of the keyboard, plan your meals and shopping list and print them out to go shopping.

2.Office Armoire

You can plan a home office anywhere in your house. Simply designate a wall space big enough to accommodate an armoire. It can go anywhere such as a living room, bedroom or large hallway.

The typical office armoire is equipped specifically for office use. It comes with all the bells and whistles you could think of that would make an office area complete. Most have adjustable shelves, slide out keyboard and printer trays, cubbies for paperwork and a file drawer. Some even go as far as placing letter slots, bulletin boards or chalkboards on the inside of the doors.

If you don't find one to your liking you can always customize a regular armoire if you or someone you know is handy. Use an example of one you like and adapt it. If you need extra desk space add a hinged desk insert to the main desk area and fold it up into the armoire when you close the doors.

3.The Closet Office

Plan a home office using an extra closet. It is not as hard as it sounds and can be accomplished in a weekend depending on your skills.

You can use a single closet with a standard 30 inch opening or a double closet that has a standard opening of approximately 48 inches. The choice is up to you depending on the availabilty you have and how often the space will be used. Add a work surface and as many shelves as you want to accommodate you needs. The only major modification is the addition of an electrical outlet since most closets do not come with one.

A guest bedroom or even a hall closet can be used and will save you from using a whole room for this purpose if you are tight on space.

4.Use Stock Shelving

Adding a home office space does not have to cost a fortune. When you plan a home office simply use wire shelves or stock shelvingon a spare wall. Most home improvement stores will cut to your specifications.

Remember that the typical desk height is 29 inches high so definitely plan a shelf for that purpose. The rest is up to your imagination and needs. Some ideas are to make a few shelves above your desk for storage and place one to the side underneath your "desk shelf" for a fax machine or printer and place storage files underneath that shelf. Place a bulletin board behind your desk space, add a few personal touches to match your style and you've just added a great inexpensive office space!

5.Calling All Spaces!

If you want to plan a home office sometimes all you have to do is walk around your house and look at spaces you never considered before. Do you have an open staircase. The alcove underneath is a great spot to convert into an office space.

Do you have any bare corners, loft areas, or landings between home levels. All of these untapped spaces can be considered for everyday home office use.

So, whether you own a home business or are simply trying to run your home, a well planned home office space that suits your needs is the first step to an organized business and household.

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