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Use Rolling Carts and Take
Your Supplies with You!

Rolling carts are not just used in offices anymore. They work great for kids' supplies of any kind. The advantages are that they come in a variety of sizes. I love that they are portable. In the summer I can take ours on the porch and do arts and crafts without having to make several trips carrying everything. Or you can cart them room to room in your house wherever projects are being done.

They also can fit in a closet and can store toys as well. You can also use them as supports for a child workspace. Just place 2 carts of the same size apart and place a piece of painted plyboard on top and you have an instant table. (Just make sure the brakes are on or remove the wheels altogether if you plan to leave the table up long term.)

To really add to the organization you can add drawer organizers to the smaller drawers. These will allow you to separate smaller items in order to find them with ease.

Visit How to Organize a Playroom to find more great ideas to organize you child's items.

You can find carts and other great items to organize your home at....

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