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Scrapbook Paper Storage That Works!

Scrapbook paper storage is a challenge! Ask anyone who scrapbooks and they will agree. There are so many different colors, patterns, type, and sizes to consider.

How many times did you cut a new sheet because you couldn't find the smaller size you needed only to find it the next day? How many times did you buy a new piece of paper only to find you already had that color or pattern? What about the precious time wasted looking for just the right piece?

Well, all of those frustrating moments can be history if you organize your paper and use scrapbook paper storage items. So, I have listed the best items that are now offered in the world of scrapbooking to help you with your scrapbook paper storage and here they are:

Scrapbook Paper Storage Items

  1. Display Dynamics Perfect Paper Stackable Paper Trays (8.5 x 11) - 10 Pack - Paper trays are a good choice to keep your paper right where you need it. It makes your paper easy to see and easily accessible! This is the 8.5 x 11 size to hold all of your papers and cardstock efficienty.

  2. Perfect Paper Stackable Open Paper Trays (12 x 12) - Lipless (10 Pack) - 10 tiers of paper organization! This is the 12 x 12 size with open trays that allow for easy in and out access.

  3. Display Dynamics 12 x 12 Stacking Tray Rolling Base - Double Tower - Don't forget the rolling base to go with your stackable trays. They are a great addition if you need your paper to be mobile and pulled out of a storage area.

  4. Display Dynamics 12 x 12 Stacking Tray Rolling Base - Single Tower - Need a smaller base. This is your next choice. Designed to hold one paper stacking tray it is perfect for a corner or smaller area.
  5. Cropper Hopper Expandable Organizer - This great expandable organizer can hold up to 500 pieces of 12 x 12 paper , has a locking tuck tab and of course in acid free. A perfect choice for close quarters or scappers on the move.

  6. Cropper Hopper Paper Holder - Black - Finally a stylish way to organize your paper that looks good! It comes in clear and black. Holds up to 200 pages of 12 x 12 papers. Add dividers (found below)to separate colors and patterns.

  7. Cropper Hopper 12 x 12 Dividers - These are a great addition to the Cropper Hopper Paper Holders. These are definitely suggested if you are going to use the paper holder to its capacity which is 200 pieces!

  8. Cropper Hopper Vertical Storage Value Pack - Why not get everything in one! Includes 1 paper holder, 4 paper pouches, and 12 dividers with labels. Now that is a deal!

  9. Cropper Hopper 12 x 12 Hanging File Folders (Clear - 6 pack) - If you file your paper in a drawer or portable folder case then check out these clear hanging folders. Easy to see through and easy to access.

  10. Cropper Hopper Pages In Progress (Double Pocket Envelope) - The perfect way to keep ongoing work and upcoming pages organized. Keep all your ideas and paper supplies for one page in one place and your page will come together in no time!

  11. Cropper Hopper Paper Pouch - protects and organizes your papers! No more damaged corners or crushed ends.

Using scrapbook paper storage an help you get more done in less time by using your time efficiently and for what you love - building great scrapbook pages!

To find ways to organize your scrapbook room click here.

All of these products and other can be found by clicking onthe picture below...happy organizing!

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