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Sticker Storage for Your Scrapbook Space

Sticker storage is a must for scrapbookers. They are a vital part of most of the pages you build. But what about finding the ones you need? Is your current system working? What about the unused stickers on a page - How do you save those?

There are many questions on what to do with your stickers and sometimes few good answers on what storage is the best. Below are some ideas and products to help you organize your stickers.

Sticker Storage Products

  1. PSB Binders from Cropper Hopper - If you want to keep your stickers and die cuts in perfect shape then this is for you! Stop wasting your time and money throwing away on stickers or die cuts that are torn or bent! This is a definite item to check out!

  2. PSB Binder - Black/Navy

  3. PSB Refill Papers - Is your craft and sticker collection growing? No Problem - that is if you use the PSB Sticker Binder. You can always find more refill papers to keep your collection safe and organized.

  4. PSB Refill - ADDICT

    PSB Refill - MEGA

    PSB Refill - DIVIDERS

  5. Cropper Hopper Zip N Flip - A quick flip is all you need to find the medium to large stickers or embellishments.

  6. Cropper Hopper Zip N Flip - Large

    Sticker storage is easy with any of the these systems. All of the items listed here as well as other scrapbook organization items can be found at Scrapbook.com: Thousands of scrapbooking supplies. HUGE daily discounts!. So check them out and start your way to an organized scrapbook space today!

    For all of you need ideas on how to organize your scrapbook room click here.

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    You can shop for stickers and all your scrapbooking needs to help organize your space by clicking on the picture below...happy organizing!

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