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Storage Baskets, Bins, and Boxes -
The 3 "B's" of Organizing

There are many storage baskets to pick from but I wouldn't be fair if I didn't give you some pointers about using them when you organize.

For example, kids rooms need sturdy items that can hold up to the wear and tear that you can imagine they will endure. If it is going on a bookcase or inside an armoire than perhaps style might be the priority.

Whatever the purpose, choose one that is the best quality for the price that meets your budget requirements.

There are now so many choices of color and style that makes finding the right match for your room much easier. So, adding style and storage is a great combination.

This page is part of our main page on organizing kids' rooms. Using storage baskets is just one way to organize items in a room. If you need more help organizing your child's room visit Organize a Playroom.

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