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Toy Nets - Catch the Clutter!

Toy nets are the answer to keeping many of your kids' items that you would like to see disappear (from the floor that is). All kids inevitably end up with an endless number of stuffed animals each with a special meaning and they simply can't part with them yet.

So, they are a great addition to any kid room or playroom. Use it to store not only stuffed animals but also dolls, soft cars, balls or special collections.

Although as adults it is not important to keep 3 Elmos in different sizes to a child they are things they just can't part with yet. So, short term - store them up and out of the way in a net.

You can always rotate the items kept in the net for variety. This way the same toys are not always out - daycares and preschools do the same thing.

Using nets are a great alternative - they allow you to keep the things your child wants without taking up the floor space you need.

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