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Great Garage Storage Ideas to Rack, Stack
and Store Your Items

There are numerous garage storage ideas from which to choose. However your choice depends on many things. The size and shape of your garage will impact your design - like where shelves and storage will go. Also, the construction of the walls and ceiling has an effect. Can the ceiling hold the weight you plan or must you divide it up?

Sometimes, our budget is our decision maker and your garage storage ideas have to be adapted. The tighter the budget the more difficult but that doesn't mean it can't be done - because it can!

Below are some garage storage ideas I have used myself as well as other suggestions I picked up along the way. Some are very inexpensive others more costly but all are effective ways to organize using garage storage systems.

On my cleaning and organizing your garage page I recommended dividing your items into categories. Therefore I broke down all the garage storage ideas into these categories for consistency.

Garage Storage Ideas

  1. Sports and Recreational Equipment
    1. Bicycles - These can be stored using a pulley system, hooking it in simple S-hooks or rubberized J-hooks, or using a pole system that you attatch your bike.
    2. Balls - These can be stored in a wooden bin, tall wire basket or laundry bin or bag that is attatched to the wall.
    3. Snow and Water Equipment - This includes a multitude of sporting equipment and a multitude of garage storage ideas. You can use manufactured ski racks. You can also use L-shaped hooks that are attatched to the wall. If you are running out of space don't forget to look overhead by storing long skis, snowboards etc. using a suspended storage from the ceiling. Another option if you have cabinet space in vertically in a tall cabinet.
    4. Golf - Most golf clubs and equipment fit well into a storage device made especially for this. It has a separate place for shoes, clubs and accessories.

  2. Home Maintainence and Hardware
    1. Workbench - The most important garage storage ideas are simple. This is the case for workbenches. Keep in mind accessibility - you don't want to be fumbling for tools. Also make sure you have enough light - one thing usually missing in a standard garage.

      It is best to use a variety of cabinets, drawers, and backboards. If you are pressed for money use two off the shelf stock kitchen cabinets and place an old door on top for an instant workbench. If you don't have old cabinets ask around for a contractor that installs kitchens. Usually they are willing to share some old cabinetry when they dismantel them from other houses before installing new ones.

    2. Tool Storage - The garage storage ideas you implement here depends on how often you use your tools. If you use your tools frequently then a pegboard is your best choice. Place it behind your workstation or bench for easy access. If you need your tools but don't access them frequently -perhaps you're the weekend warrior? - Divided drawer space may be best to prevent dust and dirt from smaller tools ie. hammer, screwdriver. Larger tools can be placed on lower shelves that pull out (like the ones used in kitchens for pots and pans).
    3. Lumber, plastic/metal piping - There are several garage storage ideas to consider.

      The first is to place metal brackets on a wall track or attatch directly to the wall and secure them there.

      The second works if your garage is unfinished. Simply place the items vertically between the wall studs. You can always secure them in place by attatching a piece of lumber over the studs so the items can't fall out.

      Third, place them between ceiling joists or secure above the garage door. You can also use formal overhead storage.

    4. Nail, Screw and Small Storage - Pretty much anything can work here as long as you are comfortable with the storage. It has to fit your lifestyle and use. Some garage storage ideas are to use old (or new) jars and place smaller items in these with labels on open shelves. Plastic hardware bins are another option.

  3. Garden Equipment
    1. Wheelbarrows - These are always a challenge. Their size makes them awkward to keep but their uses are numerous. So, like most people I was compelled to keep ours. The best choice is a special hook specifically to hold these strangly shaped items.
    2. Rakes, Shovels, etc. - Again there are a few garage strorage ideas here. These tall items can be placed in an organizer specifically for these items. If you are budget conscious simply attatch a 2X4 to your wall (just make sure it is up high enough so that your tallest item doesn't hit the floor) and add heavy duty hooks. If they don't already have a hole at the top to hang them drill hole in each of your tools at the top of the handle. Next threat a leather thong or rope through and tie so that it can be used to hang.

    3. Fertilizer, Large Bags of Dog Food Etc. - The garage is really the only place for these if you have no other appropriate storage in your house. These are best on shelves off the garage floor. Just make sure the shelves you purchase tell you how much weight the shelf can hold. Most fertilizer,water softener, or animal food bags are each upwards of 40lbs. So, stacking a few of them on one shelf can spell disaster if it is not a quality system.
    4. Hoses - Keep these off the floor! I can't tell you how many times I tripped on mine. When using them in season they will obiously be outside. When stored, hang on a hook. They really take up too much space in a cabinet and just don't store nicely.

  4. Automotive Supplies
    1. Oils, gasoline - are best kept in a locked cabinet away from children.
    2. Cleaners, supplies, rags, gauges etc. - Again safety is a priority especially if you have any children at home at any time (either yours or someone elses). A locked cabinet is best.

  5. Overhead Storage

    1. Tips For Measuring - Some older homes have 2X6 construction with ceiling joists spaced 16 inches apart. This setup can hold more weight than the other choice. That being the prefabricated trussed (you know the ones that you see cranes lifting to the roofs of new homes) made of 2x4 construction and are usually placed 24 inches apart. Obviously this would not be as strong as the 2x6 construction.
    2. Tips on Buying - If you plan to use overhead storage then check to see if the manufacturer has any specifications about ceiling structure. This is especially important if you plan to have more than one system. Also there is closed storage available and is a good option depending on what you plan to store there.

    NEW CONSTRUCTION TIP: If you are in the construction phase of a new house or just thinking of one, consider taking the extra money now to make the garage less like ...well...a garage. Treat it like a room and mentally divide up the space and then put your garage organizing ideas on paper. This will significlly decrease the amount of items that the other rooms in the house will have to accomodate. At this point the space is limited only to your imagination. Also, if you live in a colder climate make sure you insulate enough if you plan to use the space when the weather becomes chilly.

    A 2002-2004 Peachtree Homeowners Survey revealed that 67% where interested in storage solutions for their garage. Yet, most people fail to see the importance of using their garage storage ideas and actually putting their money where their mouth is so to speak.

    Believe me (remember I moved 3 times) I know the last thing you want to do when you move is organize the garage but even I was amazed at the difference it made in the organization of the rest of the house.

    You will benefit from the garage storage ideas found here even if you just implement a few.They will help you plan and store your things so that organizing your garage is just another thing to take off your to-do list.

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