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Organizing a Scrapbook Room With
Function and Style

Organizing a scrapbook room or space is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. When your scrapbook sapce is organized you enjoy your craft more and you also get more scrapping done in less time.

How do I know that for a fact? Well, I must say I love scrapbooking. I have done it for the last few years and find the more I do it the more creative I get. This in turn leads me to buying more supplies which - you guessed it- turns into more organizing.

That being said I have had my share of supplies on the floor, in closets, and overstuffed in boxes. I knew there was a better way.

So, I do know organizing a scrapbook room can be done. It takes patience just like any other organizing project. But in the end you will not believe how you ever got along without this organized space.

Whether you have a dedicated space or a whole room, I have listed how to get started organizing a scrapbook room. These are basic steps and can be accomplished if you just take them one at a time.

Organizing a Scrapbook Room

Places for Scrapbook Supplies
  1. Decide on a Space- If you don't have a special scrapbook room then you must decide where you can dedicate space in your home. Every space in your home has the potential to become a storage area for scrapbook supplies.
  2. Assess - This is the time to take inventory. Assess what you have. Chances are you have items you don't even remember purchasing. Divide the items into categories such as paper, ribbon, stamps, scisssors, pens, embellishments etc. After placing them into categories divide them further by color. For example all red ribbon and all blue pens together. Throw away items that are not in good working condition or that you have not used in the last year.
  3. Plan - After you have you "piles" sorted into categories decide where you would like to place them. Ask yourself these questions: Do I have exsisting furniture? If so, is there enough storage space to keep all of my belongings? Do I have any containers to keep my supplies?

    Now is the time to decide what you have as far as storage goes and what you need. It is very important to not buy storage items until you know what storage you already own and the amount of items you have in each category.

    Remember to allow some extra space in each category for new supplies. Also, keep the items that you use the most closest to you or easiest to access.

  4. Implement - Now is the time to implement your plan. Gather all of your items. Place them in the appropriate containers or organizing items.
  5. Evaluate - Evaluate your space as you use it. You may find you keep reaching for a particular item in an inconvenient place. Be flexible and make adjustments as necessary. Organizing a scrapbook room can be big but rewarding project.

Organizing a scrapbook room can be very overwhelming. Those of you who scrapbook on a regular basis know the amount of supplies that you accumulate just for doing one theme or holiday. Here are more ideas to help you organize a scrapbook room:

With all of these ideas you should surely be on your way to organizing a scrapbook room or space that will allow you to scrapbook you memories in a way that is functional, fun and stylish.

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