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The Best Tips to Get Organized and Save Money

Utilizing simple organization tips you can get organized and save money. Have you ever found a ten dollar bill in your coat pocket months after you put it there in the first place? If you have then you know what a pleasant surprise the money can be. You can enjoy the same thrill by getting organized. It is amazing how much money is lost needlessly through disorganization.

For example, you may buy food items for full price at the grocery store or pharmacy because you misplaced valuable coupons. The coupon amount may seem small at the time, but these tiny amounts add up to great savings faster than you think. Keep coupons handy in your car and/or purse. To hold the coupons you can purchase a small money holder envelope that zips or even use a Ziploc plastic bag.

Another example of how you can get organized and save money is to keep track of any warranties you may have. Let’s say your car transmission needs to be repaired. Do you have a warranty that could cover this bill? If you are disorganized you may lose out on this savings as the repair shop may not find out for you.

You can avoid this costly mistake by keeping track of all your warranties in well labeled folders. Keep a copy of the car warranty in your car so you can refer to it when you take your car in for service. You should also keep the warranties of all your kitchen appliances, television, and other electronics.

Keep them in a drawer that is easy to access, such as an empty drawer in your kitchen or laundry room. One of the most effective ways to get organized and save money is to avoid paying late fees. If you lose track of when your bills, such as your credit card bill, are due then you endure alarmingly high late fees. To avoid late fees you can set up a bill tracking system.

Create a table, whether handwritten or on your computer, that includes the name of your bill, due date, and date you paid it. Refer to this table every day. Keep it updated on a daily basis by opening your mail promptly and updating the table. This is a powerful way to get organized and save money. These are just a sampling of actions that will get you organized and save money.

Completing these simple actions on a daily basis will add up to huge financial savings over time. Just think of the money you found in your coat that has been stored in the attic for months. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? Reproduce that feeling every day by getting organized and saving money.