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Helping Kids Get Organized Step By Step

Learn how to start helping your children to become organized and productive. Helping kids get organized is a struggle for many families at one time or another. Is helping your kids get organized at the top of your to-do list? Do you constantly battle with them to pick up their toys, books, and clothes?

You can minimize this struggle by providing your kids with the skills and supplies to get them organized. Let’s begin with toys. Kids seem to leave toys all over the place no matter how many times you tell them to pick them up. They play with toys on a daily basis so the chore to keep their toys picked up can be a difficult one.

But there are some techniques you can use to organize their toys that reduce your stress and gets the job done. You can help your kids get organized by having a toy box in their play area and/or room. Just take a trip to the local Walmart or Target and you will find storage bins of all colors and sizes.

These plastic storage bins are durable, light, and easy to carry. You can even find clear bins that enable you to see what contents are in the bin. For example, you might have small doll figurines and toys for a doll house that you want to store. You can place these in a small, clear bin. Some plastic bins have wheels on them that allow you to easily push them under the bed. These bins are a great space saver.

You can rotate toys and put less used toys in these bins. Let’s look at your children’s school supplies. Your children will have homework and want to work on arts and crafts. You can use silverware dividers to house their pencils, crayons, markers, and other small school supplies. Have a book cases or shelving that lets them store their school folders and books.

You can find dividers that you put in deep drawers so items are not lost into the abyss of a deep drawer. Helping kids get organized also means keeping up with their schedule. They will have school, social time, and extra curricular activities. Post a weekly or monthly chart on a bulletin board or your refrigerator so you can both keep track of their activities.

Lastly, another time saving tip is to set out the clothes they are going to wear to school the night before. Helping kids get organized also means including them in decisions - so let them help decide what they want to wear. This will save time and frustration in the morning when it comes to picking an outfit and dressing.

Make sure they pack their school bag the night before as well. This is just a sampling of techniques you can use in helping kids get organized. Find what system works for you and use it every day. Your child and your sanity will thank you.