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Home Organizing Your Closets in 8 Easy Steps

  1. Sort
  2. - When home organizing your closets the first step is to take everything out of the space. Set the items to the side and group them like items together. This is a great chance to actually clean the closet space vacuum or paint if needed.

  3. Purge
  4. - This is sometimes the most difficult step for you when home organizing your closet. Your feelings can get in the way of organizing - it is a fact. But, keep in mind the reason you are home organizing your closet to begin with....to have a clean, well organizing space to find your clothing and accessories. So, look through all of your clothing. If it hasn't been worn in one year, has stains that you know have not been removed in the past or has material that simply has seen better days it is time to retire them. Local charites, churches, and shelters are more than happy to take your gently used items that you do not love anymore. Along with it comes a tax deduction (with receipt of course) and a great feeling that you did something charitable.

  5. Hanging and Folding
  6. - Are you a hanger or a folder? Most people tend to gravitate more to one than another. Decide which items need to hang and which ones you want to fold. Measure the area where you hanging clothes are to get a general idea of how many inches in length you need to hang all of your clothes.

  7. Measure, measure, measure!
  8. - I can't stress this enough when home organizing your closet. If you are doing it yourself this is probably THE most important step! You will need height, width and of course depth measurements. Don't forget to account for any inside molding when measuring depth, and the height of the opening of your closet door. You will need all of these if going to a home improvement store to purchase items yourself.

  9. Compare
  10. - When home organizing your closet it is best to compare prices. Take into consideration what kind of clothes you have, how long you intend to be in your current home, your budget and your installation time and talent.

  11. Consider a Professional
  12. - When home organizing your closet it is best to consider a professional if you are overwhelmed with the space, you have no idea where to start, you want a custom look, or you don't think you are handy enough to complete the project. Most professional closet companies offer free consultations.

  13. Don't Sacrifice Style
  14. - There is an overwhelming amount of items you can use in your closet to jazz it up a little. Colored baskets, canavas hangers, and patterned boxes just to name a few. There are many choices in your local home improvement store.

  15. Put it all together
  16. - The fun part is returning all of your now usable items back into your space. It is a gratifying experience to finally hace a closet space that is not only functional by nice to look at everyday.