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How to Organize Your Kid's Room
in 4 Steps

If you would like to learn how to organize your kid's room here are 4 steps to make the process easier. Some organizing projects are more difficult than others. I feel organizing a kid's room is one of those. Sometimes there is just so much stuff that you would rather just avoid it than conquer it.

But, just think of the benefits of having an organized room will mean to your child. First, if he does any school work in his room it makes for a good work environment. Secondly, he is more independant to find things himself. Thirdly, it is a skill that he can keep with him and apply throughout his life. So, if you learn how to organize your kid's room it would benefit both of you.

The best way to tackle any large project is to divide it up into stages. I use 4 steps with all of my organizing projects:


    • Basically take stock of what is in the room. There are 2 basic categories: toys/play items and clothes.

    • First make piles and label them such as keep, donate, sell, and garbage. Remove the donate, sell, and garbage piles from the room.
    • Then look at what kind of toys and items do they have? Divide the items in the keep pile into categories such as games, puzzles, general toys, cards, arts and craft items, school supplies, books, and papers for filing.
    • Go through your child's closet - empty it out completely. Only the items that fall into the keep category go back in.

  2. PLAN

  3. The most important part of organizing is planning. Here's where to start:

    Now that you have everything sorted it is very important to decide how to use the space you have.

    • First decide what items of the keep pile will remain in the room and what items are able to go to a playroom or family room.
    • Then decide if any closet space will be used for items other than clothing. If so, it you will get the most space by using a kid 's closet organizer.
    • Remember places to store out of season clothing or clothing for the future are a top closet shelf, underbed storage box, or chest at the foot of the bed. These places can also be used for extra bedding, blankets or sleeping bags.
    • Next, after assessing what items you are keeping decide what items are used the most. They should be kept in the most convenient space for your child to access. Remember, if it is easy to get it is easy to put away. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind when learning how to organize a kids room.
    • Please see Organizing a Playroom or Kid's Room for 19 ways to organize items in a room. There are so many options for storage that this is the best place to access them all. They include tips so you can learn how to organize your kids room effectively.


    • Once you have decided what you are going to use to organize your items decide what size and how many of each you will need. It is very important to assess what you have before you buy anything.
    • Remember, going out and buying a bunch of bins or items that look nice won't do you any good if you skip assessing what you already have at home. So, take your time and give it some careful thought and you will be happy with your results in the end.
    • Always implement putting the room back together with your child. Share all of your ideas on how to organize your kids room. It is a great learning experience for him and he is more likely to maintain an organized room if he was part of the process.


    • Every plan always needs to be evaluated - even your plan on how to organize your kids room. So, every six months take stock again of items -clothing toys etc. Purge on a regular basis because as your child grows his needs and items of interest will change. If you make wise choices in the beginning the evaluation every six months should be relatively simple because you kept your plan going.

Learning how to organize your kids room can be challenging but rewarding. So, teach your kids organizing skills early because that is when habits form - in this case it is a good one that can benefit a lifetime.

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