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The Kitchen Armoire - A Combination of Style and Storage

The kitchen armoire - what a stylish, adaptive piece of furniture!

Let me start by saying I love furniture. I could spend hours just wandering around furniture stores and outlets (and have done this on many occassions). So, when I was coming up with storage and organization ideas for the kitchen of course furniture came to mind.

Most people think armoires are just for bedrooms, but this is just not true. In fact more and more people are interested in the "furniture" look for their kitchens. It adds a focal point to any wall and you won't believe how much storage space can be squeezed out of these adaptable pieces of furniture. Below is a list of ways to add a kitchen armoire to your space.

3 Ways to Add an Armoire to Your Kitchen

  1. Purchase a new armoire - There are just oodles of furniture stores out there with a variety of armoires. You can select based on size, color, and style. The only disadvantage is that most are not specifically made for kitchens. In this case you may have to customize it yourself if you need special shelving or hooks. Armoire Gallery has a huge selection of armoires for your kitchen.
  2. Refurbish an antique - Many of you may have an old armoire in another room or in an attic just waiting to be used to its full potential. Sometimes these are the best finds! They are bursting with character and sometimes have sentimental value so why not use them everyday!
  3. Unfinished furniture - Many unfinished furniture stores have armoires just waiting to be adapted. They have many wood varieties, stains and paint finishes to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Do you already have a kitchen armoire and need ideas to customize the look? Below are some ideas to help get the most out of your kitchen armoire.

Ideas to Customize Your Kitchen Armoire