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Organizing Your Desk From
Top to Bottom

Are you in desperate need of organizing your desk? You probably spend a lot of time there, whether it’s at the office or at home. If you let things get out of control, it can feel like a real chore. Piles of paperwork up to here, unorganized files up to there. You discover late bills and messages that you forgot to respond to. But, don’t worry! There is something about organizing your desk that makes you feel like you gain control of your assignments, paperwork, bills, and invoices. Below, you will learn how to organize your desk from top to bottom to help you function more efficiently. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


How to Organize Your Desktop

The site of a messy desk can keep you away! For many people, their desktops are so messy that there is no room to spread out their project materials. By organizing your desk you will keep only the essentials on the surface and clear space to actually work.

How to Organize Your Desk Drawers

If your desk drawer has become a “catch all,” then organizing your desk drawers will help you find those essential supplies at any given moment. The following items should be kept inside your desk drawers:

How to Organize Under Your Desk

If your desk is wide and deep, there is probably a surprising amount of valuable space—right at your toe tips! Make use of this space, just keep it organized.

With a clear and organized desk and workspace, you will find that you actually enjoy pulling up a seat to your desk and getting down to business. By organizing your desk, finding a spot for each item, and keeping it clear from clutter, you will get work done faster and more efficiently.

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