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Time Management for Kids- 8 Steps to Getting Your Kids Out of the House on Time

Time management for kids includes skills to help them (and therefore you) to get out of the house on time.

Do you find you are late for everything? Do you find yourself asking your kids- "Are you ready yet?"

Then read on to find tips to help everyone get out of the house on time and stress free.

  1. Planning

  2. Take this step seriously - Planning is the key to time management for kids. Look ahead on your calender at least one day ahead during the week. On Sunday or a day of your choosing look at the whole week and make sure there are no surprises.

    Talk about your plan with your kids - they are more likely to follow the plan if they understand what it involves.

  3. Lunches

    Always make lunches the night before. This way there are no last minute requests for items you don't have and you won't be caught in the morning without lunch supplies. Also it is much faster to do this uninterrupted at night - it could take twice as long in the morning with frequent interruptions.

  4. Backpacks

    Place all homework, projects, papers and items needed for after school in your child's backpack the night before school.

    As kids get older you can keep a packing list on the refrigerator of items they need for a particular sport or activity. They can refer to the list and pack it themselves. You can also laminate a small card and attatch it to their bag for easy reference.

    Time management for kids includes giving them the responsibility and the tools to complete a task.

  5. Morning Routine

    Although routines may be boring they are effective. Children need them to establish a foundation that they can rely on day after day.

    If you have kids who like to savor their breakfast set a timer for a realistic time period and explain to them when it rings they have to move on to getting dressed etc. If necessary wake them up 10 minutes early.

    So, start a morning routine that works for your family. Include time for breakfast, brushing teeth, changing etc. and stick to it. This time management for kids will help them develop a healthy routine.

  6. Clothes

    Have your child pick out his clothes the night before. This way if something needs to be washed or fixed an alternate piece can be chosen without the last minute fuss in the morning.

  7. Home Base

    Time management for kids is difficult if they don't have anywhere to place their things.

    Establish a place for you and your kids to get things together before leaving the house.

    This is where all coats,shoes, gloves, hats, backpacks etc. are placed for quick and easy retrieval in the morning.

  8. Parents before Kids

    If you have always tried to get ready when your kids were trying to get ready, try getting up before them - even if it is just 15 minutes. This really makes a difference when you can be available to them and keep them on track.

  9. Last Minute

    No matter how well you prepare you will always come across something that you can't do until morning. Simply put your reminder on a post-it note the night before and place it on the door you use to exit the house. This way you have to look at it before you leave.

  10. These are simply but effective ways to get your kids out of the house on time. Work together on your plan and you will establish a good routine and time management for your kids. They will learn the importance of being on time and apply these positive skills throughout their lives.

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