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Organize Your Photos With Digital
Photo Online Storage

Digital photo online storage can be the answer to your digital photo needs. It can help to organize your photos, free up precious computer space,and allow you to find any photo you need with ease.

Many "image hosts" are now available so you have to investigate to make sure you are getting what you want. Be aware that some plans are free and others are a paid service. Usually the features for each vary. So, read the fine print and also look at the following questions that you should consider in your decision.

Digital Photo Online Storage and Hosting

  1. What image format do they support? jpeg,gif and png are the three to look for.
  2. Does it allow you to browse through the images that you just uploaded?
  3. How much storage space does it offer?
  4. How many images are allowed?
  5. What is the largest file size allowed? If it is small you will need to change the size of your picture file before you even download it. This can become an extra step and a tedious one at that if you have numerous pictures to load.
  6. Does the service provide thumbnails? Meaning does it provide a thumbnail view of what is on each topic or album and allow you to print it or burn it to a CD?
  7. How many images can you uplaod at one time?
  8. Can you resize your images?
  9. Does the digital photo online storage provide extra services such as traditional photo printing, photo galleries, calenders, etc.?
  10. Can you email photos to friends and family?
  11. Can you easily rename your images?

Using digital online photo storage has the advantage of safety. All computers are subject to a crash at any point in time. Why not protect your photos by storing them online?

Although there are many hosting services out there it is a good option to stay with those that have a reputation and have stood the test of time.

Shutterfly is the answer to your online digital photo storage needs. They have received positive reviews in The New York Times, USA Today, Good Housekeeping, Newsday, and PC Magazine just to name a few. Here is a sample of some media releases:

On January 13, 2005, Anick Jesdanun of the Associated Press writes that Shutterfly gets votes for: “unlimited storage forever; the ability to share a group of photos, rather than the entire album or a single photo only; share recipients can view large albums or see small versions of photos, or thumbnails; and optional software for organizing and adding photos online for Mac and Linux computers.”

On April 19, 2005,Emily Reaman from Woman’s Day wrote "Shutterfly.com members get free, unlimited storage and picture-sharing, no purchase required. Best part: Your first 15 prints are free.”

So Try Shutterfly . It is a free service and you even get 15 free photos when you sign up so you can sample their quality right from the beginning. So, why wait? Start your digital photo online storage today and save your memories for years to come!


To find help for organizing your digital photos click here.

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